10 friendship texts

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1. Twain, Mark. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. New York: Random House, 1996. Print.

            The friendship between Huck and Jim is very rare particularly because it is a friendship between a white boy and a run away slave. Throughout the novel, Huck risks his life numerous times to get Jim to freedom. At one point in the story he says he is “going to hell” for Jim because the friendship that he and Jim have is forbidden in his religion. Jim tells Huck that he is his best friend because of everything he is doing for him. Even though society tells Huck not to consider Jim his equal because he is black, Huck says at the end that he knew “Jim was white inside” which is his way of saying that Jim is his equal.


2. Klasky, Arlene. Rugrats. 11 Aug. 1991. Television.

            The relationship between Tommy and Chuckie is a great example of friendship. Although Tom and Chuckie are opposites they become the best of friends because of their support for one another. Whenever Tommy gets an idea for an adventure, Chuckie is right behind him even though he is afraid of his own shadow. On the other hand, Tommy supports Chuckie during these adventures and tells him not to be afraid.


3. Forrest Gump. Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Perf. Tom Hanks. Paramount Pictures, 1994. Film.

            Bubba and Forrest are so similar even though they are from completely different backgrounds. When they go off to war together Bubba and Forrest plan to have a shrimping company when they return home. Bubba is shot during the war and Forrest does everything in his power to save him even if that means running back into the warzone. Unfortunately, Bubba dies at war and Forrest is crushed but he keeps his promise to Bubba and creates the shrimp company. Forrest is an example of a truly good friend because even after his friend dies he manages to keep his legacy alive.


4. Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. New York: A.A. Levine, 1998. Print.

            Ron, Harry, and Herminie are the best of friends because they stick with each other through thick and thin even in very dangerous situations. They support Harry in every thing he does even if it could get them killed


5.  Lewis, C. S. The Four Loves. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1960. Print.

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”

            Friendship is not necessary in the sense that it is essential to living (i.e. water and air), but it makes living worth it.

6. Aristotle

“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies”.

            This metaphor really gives me a grasp on what friendship is and I think it is one of the best quotes to describe friendship. It shows how important friendship and that a true friendship is unconditional.


7. Lobel, Arnold, and Arnold Lobel. Frog and Toad Are Friends. New York: Harper & Row, 1970. Print.

            Although Frog and Toad are very different, they always know how to cheer each other up. In the last chapter, Toad is sad because he never gets mail so Frog sends him a simple letter and makes Toad’s day. In a friendship not only do the big things count (i.e. loyalty, trust, etc.) but the small things that friends do to show their appreciation for one another count even more.

8. Milne, A. A. Winnie the Pooh. [Burbank, Calif.]: Mouse Works, 1994. Print.

            Winnie the Pooh present the same exact values as frog and toad does. These friends constantly help each other throughout the book. When Eeyore feels sad, they lift up his sprits and they stick together through thick and thin.


9. Hillenburg, Stephen. Spongebob Squarepants. Nickelodeon. 11 May 1999. Television.

            Although Patrick is somewhat dimwitted, Spongebob never ceases to call Patrick his best friend. A good friend is not afraid to make their friendship public even though their friend might not be the brightest star in the sky.


10. Cicero, Marcus Tullius., and Michael Grant. Cicero: On the Good Life. Harmondsworth, Middle Sex, England: Penguin, 1971. Print.

            I think it is important for us to pay attention to historic sources about friendship to see how the meaning of friendship has evolved. For example, do we still think that friendships can only exist between “good men”. We should also look for elements that are still applicable to modern friendships (i.e. in a friendship you divide and share the burden. (188))





Winnie The Pooh and Frog and Toad are Friends

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Frog and Toad are friends, Winnie the Pooh, and children books like these are created to teach lessons about the importance of friendship and how friends treat one another. In Frog and Toad are Friends, best friends Frog and Toad help each other with everything. Toad loses his button at one point and Frog helps him to search for it and in another scene Frog feels down and Toad helps him by telling him a story. Winnie the Pooh present the same exact values as frog and toad does. These friends constantly help each other throughout the book. When Eeyore feels sad, they lift up his sprits and they stick together through thick and thin. These books not only teach children and adults to be good people, but good friends. They teach children how to share, and teach adults how to be compassionate towards one another. 

Our Adaptation of The Two Noble Kinsmen

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L. Belle Jones-Pierce

English 181:Friendsship



Our Adaptation of The Two Noble Kinsmen

            For our screen adaptation of Shakespeare we decided to do a high school version based in Thebes Regional High. Instead of being cousins, Arcite and Palamon are just best friends who play football together. Creon is their coach, Thesis is their principal, the jailer’s daughter is the principal’s daughter as expected, and Emila is the hot girl that they both desire to date. Because of reading Chaucer’s The Knights Tale and finding it less interesting than Shakespeare’s version, we decided to keep the subplot and the less significant characters. We changed the words to words we used in today’s language and also used slang to add an element of comedy.

Writing this adaptation really did help change my perspective of The Two Noble Kinsmen. It allowed me to see how the same ideas and themes that applied in his play, can still apply to today. It was extremely easy finding a modern scenario to adapt the play to. It did not really take us that long to adapt the play and still keep the same essence that was present in the original. I think it would have been much more difficult for Shakespeare because he had to create an intricate subplot which mirrored the actual storyline in someway. Adapting the play also made the play much clearer because I found myself reading it much more in-depth.  I noticed more metaphors and I found myself analyzing some of them so that we could fit some into our adaptation.

My definition has not really shifted during this editing process because there weren’t really any sidekicks present like in some of Shakespeare’s other plays and if there were sidekicks they weren’t highlighted at all.

Reading Chaucer and Shakespeare and noticing the differences and similarities between them really guided me through this adaptation process. I noticed that it’s ok to use the same general ideas in an adaptation but tweak it to make it your own. Shakespeare tweaked Chaucer’s tale by adding a subplot. We would have added a subplot but because of time constraints we weren’t able to. To make of for this, we just made the plot significantly different but kept the same general essence and the storyline.

Shakespeare, Fletcher, and Chaucer Reflection

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Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen is based on Chaucer’s The Knights Tale.  Shakespeare uses most of the characters that Chaucer uses in his play and the plot and story line is virtually identical. The main difference between Chaucer and Shakespeare’s version is that The Knights Tale possesses no subplot. The jailer and the jailer’s daughter do not exist. Also Aricite, Palamon and Emila pray to the gods in a different order. Palamon goes first, Emila goes after, and Arcite goes last in The Knights Tale and in The Two Noble Kinsmen Arcite goes first, then Palamon, then Emila. This difference in ordering makes sense when one notices that Shakespeare really wanted to Highlight the friendship of Palamon and Arcite more that Chaucer did. If he put Emila’s prayer in the midst of Palamon and Arcite’s prayer that would be separating them and highlighting that Emila is really in between their friendship.

            I personally don’t think Fletcher and Shakespeare are plagiarists because he tweaked many things and they allowed the play to focus more upon the friendship of Arcite and Palamon than Chaucer’s tale did. He also added an important and entertaining subplot and it was adapted for a play, not for another book. I generally enjoyed the play and its climatic ending and I enjoyed it much more than Chaucer’s tale particularly because of its interesting subplot.

            Reading Chaucer’s version has really helped me with my group’s adaptation of The Two Noble Kinsmen. We know that its ok to tweak concepts to fit modern times, but its ok to keep a lot of the original material because it wouldn’t be considered plagiarism especially because we’re adapting it for a different medium which is screen. 

Two Noble Kinsmen: Highschool Edition: By: Sakile Taylor, Danetta Green, Ama Asare, and Meghan Hickey

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TNK: High School Edition

We are going to tell you the classic story of two best friends and what happens when a girl comes between them. Although we will never be able to live up to the great Shakespeare, this is a modern rendition of his play, “The Two Noble Kinsman.” It starts out in the halls of Thebes Regional High School with two seniors named Arcite and Palamon. Stay tuned to witness the hurricane that will change this little town of Thebes for eternity. You won’t be disappointed.


Enter Palamon and  Arcite.


Hey Palamon, I was thinking about Coach Creon, and he has been getting on my last nerve. I want to quit the football team and I don’t have respect for him anymore. We would be better off on the basketball team. He makes get up at 4 A.M. and do crazy, insane drills. He’s been tripping lately, and all he does is yell at us.


Dude, I’m on the exact same page. Ever since he became the new head coach things have changed. Everyday I come home with new cuts and scratches. He treats us like we are a bunch of soldiers fighting on the battlefield. Like yesterday, he didn’t even believe Bobby when he said he was having an asthma attack!

Dang bruh, I didn’t you felt that way.

Yeah. Let’s quit first thing in the morning.

Valerius enters and runs up to Palamon and Arcite.

Palamon, Arcite, wait up! The Coach is calling a mandatory practice today.


Remember that quarterback who broke his leg last season?

Yeah, Theseus. I remember him, he was insanely brolic.

Well, he’s back and we are screwed for the game this weekend, so Coach is pissed.

He’s nottin’ too special. We can take him.


[whispers aside to Arcite] Dude, let’s not quit so soon. We have to stay on the team to fight for our school. We may not have Creon’s back, but we have to ride or die for Thebes.

Okay, we’re in. See you at practice.

Everyone Exits.