Two Noble Kinsmen: Highschool Edition: By: Sakile Taylor, Danetta Green, Ama Asare, and Meghan Hickey

Published February 27, 2013 by stayl27

TNK: High School Edition

We are going to tell you the classic story of two best friends and what happens when a girl comes between them. Although we will never be able to live up to the great Shakespeare, this is a modern rendition of his play, “The Two Noble Kinsman.” It starts out in the halls of Thebes Regional High School with two seniors named Arcite and Palamon. Stay tuned to witness the hurricane that will change this little town of Thebes for eternity. You won’t be disappointed.


Enter Palamon and  Arcite.


Hey Palamon, I was thinking about Coach Creon, and he has been getting on my last nerve. I want to quit the football team and I don’t have respect for him anymore. We would be better off on the basketball team. He makes get up at 4 A.M. and do crazy, insane drills. He’s been tripping lately, and all he does is yell at us.


Dude, I’m on the exact same page. Ever since he became the new head coach things have changed. Everyday I come home with new cuts and scratches. He treats us like we are a bunch of soldiers fighting on the battlefield. Like yesterday, he didn’t even believe Bobby when he said he was having an asthma attack!

Dang bruh, I didn’t you felt that way.

Yeah. Let’s quit first thing in the morning.

Valerius enters and runs up to Palamon and Arcite.

Palamon, Arcite, wait up! The Coach is calling a mandatory practice today.


Remember that quarterback who broke his leg last season?

Yeah, Theseus. I remember him, he was insanely brolic.

Well, he’s back and we are screwed for the game this weekend, so Coach is pissed.

He’s nottin’ too special. We can take him.


[whispers aside to Arcite] Dude, let’s not quit so soon. We have to stay on the team to fight for our school. We may not have Creon’s back, but we have to ride or die for Thebes.

Okay, we’re in. See you at practice.

Everyone Exits.


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