Our Adaptation of The Two Noble Kinsmen

Published March 8, 2013 by stayl27

L. Belle Jones-Pierce

English 181:Friendsship



Our Adaptation of The Two Noble Kinsmen

            For our screen adaptation of Shakespeare we decided to do a high school version based in Thebes Regional High. Instead of being cousins, Arcite and Palamon are just best friends who play football together. Creon is their coach, Thesis is their principal, the jailer’s daughter is the principal’s daughter as expected, and Emila is the hot girl that they both desire to date. Because of reading Chaucer’s The Knights Tale and finding it less interesting than Shakespeare’s version, we decided to keep the subplot and the less significant characters. We changed the words to words we used in today’s language and also used slang to add an element of comedy.

Writing this adaptation really did help change my perspective of The Two Noble Kinsmen. It allowed me to see how the same ideas and themes that applied in his play, can still apply to today. It was extremely easy finding a modern scenario to adapt the play to. It did not really take us that long to adapt the play and still keep the same essence that was present in the original. I think it would have been much more difficult for Shakespeare because he had to create an intricate subplot which mirrored the actual storyline in someway. Adapting the play also made the play much clearer because I found myself reading it much more in-depth.  I noticed more metaphors and I found myself analyzing some of them so that we could fit some into our adaptation.

My definition has not really shifted during this editing process because there weren’t really any sidekicks present like in some of Shakespeare’s other plays and if there were sidekicks they weren’t highlighted at all.

Reading Chaucer and Shakespeare and noticing the differences and similarities between them really guided me through this adaptation process. I noticed that it’s ok to use the same general ideas in an adaptation but tweak it to make it your own. Shakespeare tweaked Chaucer’s tale by adding a subplot. We would have added a subplot but because of time constraints we weren’t able to. To make of for this, we just made the plot significantly different but kept the same general essence and the storyline.


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